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Lush green lawns and great gardens are easy to achieve in WA with a wide range of garden, lawn and liquid fertilisers, controlled release fertilisers, soil improving products, mulches and potting mix from Perth's gardening and horticultural experts, Baileys.

Manufactured in Kwinana and developed for Australia's unique climate and growing conditions, Baileys has a tailor made product to help you get the best from your lawn and garden.

Whether you are a retail customer needing potting mix for vegetables or a commercial grower seeking laboratory analysis and custom solutions for nurseries, vineyards or turf, Baileys has a range of products and services to keep your crops, lawn or garden at its blooming best all year round.

Supply & Apply

We deliver products in bulk; either by tipping on-site or in Leg Bins. Our fleet can deliver 1-30 tonnes in any single drop. A spreading service is also available for the application of fertilisers.

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Commercial Products

All of our products are available in bulk and can be ordered as blends. Call us to discuss which products or blends would suit your particular requirements.

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Get Quality Products, Expert Service and Advice

West Australian gardeners and commercial growers already realise that soil improving and water-wise products are vital in overcoming our sandy soils, hot summers and diminishing rainfall.

How to choose between variations in garden, lawn, NPK and liquid fertiliser and how to apply those products to get the best results while being environmentally conscious may be less well known.

Baileys makes gardening easy for you with:

  • Residential Products. A variety of professional quality, easy to use garden and lawn products including controlled release, lawn, liquid and NPK fertilisers, potting mixes, mulches, soil improving products and wetting agents; All specially formulated for Australian conditions and contain high quantities of essential nutrients, making Baileys the best brand on the market.
  • Residential Services. Local knowledge and your access to our resident gardening expert Neville Passmore means you can get the help and advice you need to solve any gardening issue. If you're a new gardener we invite you to access our online how-to videos, tips, seasonal calendar or for more detailed information email Neville for a direct answer to your gardening question. We invite you to join our gardening community and make the most of your outdoor areas.
  • Commercial Products. Many commercial growers, shire councils, schools, landscapers and grounds keepers prescribe Baileys turf and horticultural blended, granulated or liquid fertilisers. We offer custom lawn, liquid and NPK fertiliser blends and growing media mixes, such as potting mix, tailored to optimise your growing conditions, enhance production and yield.
  • Commercial Services. Leave nothing to chance. We can take soil and leaf tissue samples, analyse them in our laboratory, provide a fertiliser recommendation or create a custom blend to achieve the best possible outcome for your turf, vines or crops. We can also arrange for delivery and spreading of any recommended products. Tests can include:
    • Soil testing
    • Plant tissue testing
    • Water sample testing
    • Plant pathogen/potting mix/ compost and fertiliser testing

Get Water Wise

Baileys' 3.1.1. lawn fertiliser is the only product of its kind in Australia to carry the Smart Approved Water Mark and Waterwise Approved certification, ensuring you will promote growth while maximising water use.

Other Smart Approved Water Mark and Waterwise Approved products from Baileys include Premium Potting Mix, Moisture Mulch, soil improving products including Lawn Reviver and Soil Improver Plus, and the wetting agent Grosorb.

Get a Green Thumb

It's easy to cultivate a green thumb when you use the products professionals use from Perth's gardening and horticultural experts, Baileys.

Once you try Baileys'range of fully granulated or blended garden and lawn fertilisers, liquid fertilisers, soil improving products, potting mixes or other residential garden or commercial turf and horticultural products you will want to use them for life.

Contact us today to find out more about our residential and commercial garden products and services or send an email to our gardening expert.

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