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Great Gardens are in the Bag.

Lush green lawns and great gardens are easy to achieve in WA with a wide range of garden, lawn and liquid fertilisers, controlled release fertilisers, soil improving products, mulches and potting mix from Perth's gardening and horticultural experts, Baileys.

Whether you are a retail customer needing potting mix for vegetables or a commercial grower seeking laboratory analysis and custom solutions for nurseries, vineyards or turf, Baileys has a range of products and services to keep your crops, lawn or garden at its blooming best all year round.

Manufactured in Kwinana and developed for Australia's unique climate and growing conditions, Baileys has a tailor made product to help you get the best from your lawn and garden.

Custom Compounds

custom compound fertilisers Granulated products to suit your needs.

Applying the right nutrients, at the right rate and time is crucial to achieving optimal results. Baileys granulation plant can produce tailor-made compound fertilisers to suit your unique soil and plant needs, ensuring strong yields from horticultural and broadacre crops. 

Guaranteed high chemical purity 

 Designed specifically for protected agriculture, fertigation systems and foliar fertilisation of field crops. Baileys portfolio includes 100% water-soluble potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate and monoammonium phosphate suitable for drip watering, foliar fertilising of plants, root fertilisation of seedlings, fertilising potted ornamental plants, flowers and turf. No chlorine or sodium and low salt index (EC).

water solubles 
European quality and highly soluble.

Baileys distributes Eurosolids Water Soluble NPK's for fertigation and foliar application. Formulations are based upon European quality raw materials which are pure, highly soluble and have limited sensitivity for caking. Trace element used inside these formulations are 100% chelated.

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