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Propagating succulents Neville Passmore 24/01/2018

Part Two of our succulents story - Propagating easy peezy 

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top 10 succulents for dry gardensNeville Passmore 

Here is the comprehensive list of the top 10 succulents for dry gardens. These guys love free draining soil and can survive on the smallest amounts of water. 

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Pollen matters Neville Passmore

Bees are the pollinators of the world, but they are under threat - what can we do in our garden to help? 

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summer pruning 
deciduous fruit trees 
Neville Passmore 

How to prune your deciduous fruit trees in summer to get optimum growth and fruit crop. 

best lawns for wa conditions Neville Passmore 

There has been a lot of talk recently about real v fake lawn. We of course are fans of real lawn, and there are so many drought tolerant varieties around now, that won't guzzle water. Here is a full list of the best lawns for WA conditions

time to plant tropical fruitNeville Passmore

Now is the time to plant tropical fruit in Perth! We have an extensive list of favorites and some unknowns you can try if you are brave enough.....

top 5 summer garden trends 
Neville Passmore

Find out the top trends for this summer.... from 'smart tech' to cloud trees

summer vegetables Neville Passmore 

Some like it hot! Find out what vegies you can plant now that will survive the summer heat.

christmas gift bowls Neville Passmore

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Why not give someone a beautiful Christmas bowl, start planting now for a bloomin' beauty come Christmas time. We have a full list of plants for you to choose from. 

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Where do the flavours in wine come from? Neville Passmore

Wines have so many different flavours and varieties, have you ever wondered how these subtle differences are achieved?

what is your plant thinking?Neville Passmore

Ever wondered if your plant has the ability to think? Neville Passmore delves into some exciting research

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eat colourful and diverse Neville Passmore 

Eating a diverse and colourful range of food will provide you with a wide variety of nutrients! Neville Passmore shares a great muesli recipe to show you how to incorporate a wide range of foods in the one meal. 

top 5 fermented foods you can make at home Neville Passmore

Learn the Top 5 fermented foods you can make at home with these quick and simple recipes. 

what's going on under the soil surface?Neville Passmore

Ever wondered what goes on in your soil? Wonder no more as Nev Passmore discusses soil biology 

liquid probiotics to boost gut healthNeville Passmore

Learn how to make your own Kombucha to boost your gut health! 

Detox the air in your home 

Neville Passmore 


These beauties will naturally clean and detoxify the air in your home, as well as being a great feature and talking point of your house. 

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TOP 5 Bush Tucker plants to grow in Perth 

Neville Passmore 

Here at the TOP 5 Bush Tucker plants to grow in Perth. Not only will they be a great decorative addition to your garden, they'll provide tucker 

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Plant based foods for beautiful skin 

Neville Passmore 

These foods will give you a healthy skin glow from the inside out, not to mention all the other goodness they provide. 

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What is your soil pH?

Neville Passmore

How do you find out your soil pH and what is ideal for your garden? 

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Vegetables to grow from kitchen scraps 

Neville Passmore 

No need for seeds, here are the vegies you can grow from your own kitchen scraps! 

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Planet friendly weed control 

Neville Passmore 

Find out the ways you can get rid of weeds in your garden, without harming the planet! 

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Superfoods at your place 

Neville Passmore 

Find out the top 5 superfoods you can grow at your place! These foods contain complete goodness and once established will provide you and your family with nutrients. 

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Top 5 - Gardening trends this Spring 

Neville Passmore

Learn the top 5 gardening trends for this spring, and get some inspiration for how you can achieve them at your place. Watch our video 

Making the most of winter rains 

By Chris Ferreira

How to get the best out of your garden in winter - Chris has some great ideas for you. Have a read and discover what you can be doing this month to prepare your garden. 

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The Cabbage Tribe 

Neville Passmore

The original superfood, perfect to grow in the cooler winter months. 

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The Great Greening Challenge facing our cities 

Neville Passmore

Green infrastructure has been in decline since settlement of WA in 1829. Since then some 70% of green cover (trees, shrubs, groundcovers, grasses and hedges) has disappeared. Government estimates tell us that a further 3% of native green infrastructure will go under the developer’s bulldozers by the year 2050, to make way for the predicted population of 3.5 million people. Planting trees and lawn is now recognised as the most cost effective way of combatting this lethal heat trap effect.
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Prepare and plan in winter for a sensational summer garden 

Chris Ferreira
I am no big fan of summer! It shrivels my plants, saps our precious water supplies and oppresses the garden with its overwhelming heat. But at last the worst of summer is behind us and we can look forward to the promise of the winter rains, cooler weather and renewed garden growth.

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Growing Onions 

Neville Passmore 7/06/2017

Neville shares his secrets to growing the onion tribe. With so many to choose from you better get stuck in, now is the perfect time to plant these guys 

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Top 5 - Garden inspirations in Perth 

Neville Passmore 

If you are looking for some great garden inspiration - look no further than these beautiful gardens. 

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Top 5 - New in plants 

Neville Passmore 

There is always something new to discover in plants - here is Neville Passmores top 5 for Autumn 2017. 

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Secrets to Hanging Basket Success

Neville Passmore

Outdoor living is one of the great joys of living in Perth.  Hanging baskets offer an alternative platform in which miniature gardens can be grown to enhance outdoor living areas, bringing colour or just cooling greenery. Alternatively hanging baskets can make a ‘near the kitchen’ herb garden.The major issue of growing any form of garden in WA is effective watering. Hanging baskets are at the extreme edge of this requirement because they are suspended and can be readily dried out by sun and wind.

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Lawn Renovations 

Neville Passmore 

Learn what to do now, and over the cooler months to boost your lawn back to health. There are some easy and simple steps, which your lawn will thank you for. 

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Top 5 - Autumn garden trends

Neville Passmore 
Discover the top autumn trends in gardening 

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Growing and preparing your own food 

Neville Passmore

A serious vegetable garden was once part of every home. Usually mum did the cooking in our house, and it was a cooked meal every night with a Sunday roast the crowning meal of the week. Food allergies were virtually unknown and childhood obesity very rarely seen. 

Fast forward to today and we have epidemics of Western diet disasters with galloping rates of type 2 diabetes, dementia, cancers and heart disease among others. Much of our food is highly processed with lashings of sugar, salt, preservatives, colourants, fillers and much more. 

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Chris has been involved with the industry for over 20 years. An expert in creating sustainable, waterwise gardens he has been the driving force behind The Forever Project, and turning his Hamilton Hill home into a sustainable showcase. Chris has regular workshops at his house, to encourage all who come along to grow their own vegies and get involved in their own garden at home. 

Chris is one of the most passionate gardeners in WA.